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Story Points. A Friend Or Foe?

Product backlog items' sizing became a routine for numerous agile teams. It became a new normal way-way back, and these days, it’s hard to find a developer, Product Owner, or Scrum Master who never heard about the Story Point concept. Internet is full of explanations, guidelines, step-by-step instructions, videos on how to do proper estimation using Story Points. This topic shows up in many SM/PO certifications. So, for me, it sounded like a done deal, an axiom. It inspired me to write up this blog post to structure my knowledge and, hopefully, help others and their teams with this not-so-unambiguous topic.

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New TFS4JIRA Cloud Native Synchroniser is Ready for Alpha Preview

We decided to take TFS4JIRA fully cloud and make it a SaaS product. What does this exactly mean? No more, no less - we’re creating an app working in the cloud environment, without the necessity to install anything on your end. This means no need for a self-hosted server running TFS4JIRA. The new app is much faster than the old one, capable of synchronising a great number of work items several times faster than the current app does.

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User Story Mapping in Jira: Step by Step Guide

We commonly digest easily more complex ideas, concepts or processes when they are visualised or decomposed. That’s a natural brain ability. It is then easier to make sure everyone involved in the project understands it evenly. If we break down the idea into single elements or steps, we can be sure we don’t miss an important element, action or feature. This article looks closer at the concept of user story mapping, its benefits and a step by step guide to create a user story map in Jira.

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Creating Product Roadmap in Jira and Confluence

As a Product Owner, when you build an app or other product, you want to control the progress over time, manage expectations, and communicate the strategy and priorities accordingly to your stakeholders and keep your team informed throughout the project lifecycle. There are many handy tools and techniques to help you keep track of your planning and work that needs to be performed. Keep on reading to find out more about road maps and how to create and manage them inside your Jira and Confluence.

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Analysis Of Rendering Performance Issues In Whiteboards.

Whiteboards is a real-time application designed for people who want to collaborate on visual elements like shapes, lines, images, or drawings, for managing their work, supporting an online meeting, or drawing diagrams. There are several challenges connected to this objective across the entire stack. Client-side performance is one of them.

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